Toolmaking and prototyping

The importance of toolmaking in the supplier sector is illustrated by the fact that each component of a new car model requires its own tool. As a rule, each component is a unique product, and its production is extremely challenging and time-consuming. At HMT, we use tried-and-trusted CAD software such as Catia V5 and Siemens NX - software that our customers also use. This ensures the smooth and simple exchange of data.

We carry out planning, design and production ourselves

HMT's experienced design engineers are responsible for the required tools for forming and welding. Once the design planning of new and transfer tools, welding equipment, and prototypes is complete, production takes place on our CNC machining centres with CNC eroding machines. We also use 3D printing. Furthermore, we maintain and service the tools ourselves. The benefits of in-house production are obvious. We're not dependent on the timing and quality level of other companies, which means that we can react to the specific requirements of our customers more quickly and more reliably.

Standard prototyping tasks include the production of zero series with small series tools, mini series on auxiliary tools, and the production of individual samples. The following capacities and resources are available at our locations:

    Toolmaking at HMT Germany

    • Tryout press with a performance of 800 t, table size up to 2,550 mm x 1,460 mm
    • 3 x CNC mills with machining sizes up to 1,500 mm
    • 3 x wire eroders with travel ranges of up to 560 mm
    • Conventional machines for turning, milling, and flat grinding
    • New production of transfer tools, progressive tools, and welding tools
    • Own Catia V5, Siemens NX, and AutoForm design systems
    • Personnel resources: 6 6 design engineers, 49 toolmakers, 20 apprentices

    Toolmaking at HMT Poland

    • Tryout capacity of up to 500 t
    • Servicing
    • Conventional machines for turning, milling, and flat grinding
    • Personnel resources: 15 employees

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