Welding and laser welding

Thermal joining technology using welding and laser welding makes up a large part of our production. Laser technology stands out here. This can be used to join individual components at high speed and - above all - extremely precisely. Other advantages include low thermal distortion, even in the case of really thin materials, and the strong, smooth weld seams, which are free from grime and oxides thanks to the use of inert gases such as nitrogen, helium or argon, and do not normally require post-treatment. For these reasons, this method has been used successfully in the automotive and automotive supplier industries for many years, and the sector is a pioneer when it comes to innovative applications in this segment.

Welding in conjunction with other joining techniques

HMT also uses MAG/MIG welding and resistance welding. When assembling our components, we combine welding with other joining techniques such as bonding, riveting, and screwing. We have the right machines - often equipped with robots - for thread forming, processing self-piercing rivets and blind rivets, and flow drilling.

The machine equipment of the HMT Germany welding shop

  • 7 laser welding machines with robot equipment, 5 KW
  • Robotic welding machines for spot-welding, projection welding, and MAG welding
  • 5 Duo spot-welding machines
  • Rotary welding systems of up to 300 KVA with up to 8 stations
  • Rotary tables for thread forming processes with automatic parts feed
  • Resistance welding machines of up to 300 KVA
  • 2 robotic bonding and self-piercing rivet cells
  • A robotic self-piercing rivet and flow drilling cell
  • Various special machines for assembly operations

The machine equipment of the HMT Poland welding shop

  • Robotic laser welding machine with horizontal turning unit, 4 KW
  • Robotic self-piercing rivet cell
  • Rotary welding systems of up to 100 KVA with up to 8 stations
  • Resistance welding machines of up to 300 KVA
  • Special machines for assembly operations
  • Thread forming machines

How can we help?

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