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The working world faces radical change in the 21st century. Digitalisation and automation mean that we all require a range of qualifications in order to enjoy career success. For years now, we have been taking on the responsibility for teaching young people these very skills by providing them with thorough training. As well as working at our headquarters in Attendorn, our trainees have the opportunity to work at our foreign locations and gather experiences there.

Which careers are on offer for our trainees?

  • Toolmakers (m/f) Punching technology field579.5 KB
  • Cutting machine operators (m/f) Milling machine systems field568.3 KB
  • Industrial mechanics (m/f) 595.0 KB
  • Machine and plant operators (m/f) 642.6 KB
  • Warehouse logistics experts (m/f) 544.7 KB
Any questions?

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  • Maurice KremerToolmaker (punching and forming technology)+49 (0) 176-66550795


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How can we help?

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