Joining methods at HMT

In order to meet the requirements of the market and of our customers, we use a broad spectrum of joining methods at HMT. The technology we use for each product depends upon strength requirements, the desired quantities, and prior profitability analyses. We therefore carry out joining operations for large series directly on the tool.


Where we require speed and quality with the least possible soiling, we use modern laser technology. With our Duo spot-welding cells, as well as achieving a short cycle time, we are able to combine spot welding and resistance welding processes. Naturally, established methods such as MAG/MIG welding and welding using robotic spot welding cells also form part of our portfolio. In each case, the degree of automatism depends on the quantities desired by our customers and the planned production location.

Combining welding with other joining technologies

HMT can directly combine welding processes with other joining technologies when assembling components. Our machines and flow drilling systems allow the usage of self-piercing and blind rivets and the direct application of thread forms. 


Our innovative bonding technology offers numerous advantages for the joining of diverse procured components. It ensures electrochemical decoupling between surfaces and protects parts from corrosion. Two machines with self-piercing rivet units allow self-piercing rivets and bonding to be combined in a single work step. The partial coating of numerous components is the perfect preparation for their further processing using the welding and bonding processes of our customers.

Possible joining technologies at HMT Germany

Our machine pool at the Biggen plant allows joining using laser welding, MIG/MAG welding, spot welding, punch riveting, and the bonding of hybrid parts. In addition, we have special machines for assembly operations. The machine pool includes:

  • 2 laser welding cells, 4 KW
  • 4 laser welding cells, 5 KW
  • 48 welding and handling robots
  • 14 rotary table systems for welding, assembly, and thread forming processes
  • 35 spot welding and projection welding machines
  • 5 Duo spot welding machines
  • 2 self-piercing rivet robot cells (1 x flow drilling unit)
  • 2 bonding & self-piercing rivet robot cells for hybrid components

With this equipment, we can achieve the following performance data (annual values):

  • 2,100 km of laser weld seams
  • 400 km of MAG weld seams
  • 30 million spot welds
  • 55 million projection welds
  • The assembly and welding of 65 million purchased parts

Possible joining technologies at HMT Poland

Our production facilities in Poland are equipped as follows:

  • Laser welding cell, 4 KW
  • 3 rotary table systems for welding, riveting, and assembly processes
  • 40 spot welding and projection welding machines
  • Automatic thread forming machine
  • Robotic joining cell with fully automatic self-piercing rivet unit

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