HMT components for the bodyshell

The bodyshell is created in one of the first car construction production steps. Techniques such as spot-welding, bonding, riveting, and clinching - primarily carried out by robots - are used, and HMT also uses these methods to produce bodyshell components. With regard to lower energy consumption, significant weight savings can be made even in this early phase thanks to using as many lightweight-construction components as possible, including supports for axles and dampers, cross beams and bulkheads. This is even more important in the case of e-vehicles, which have to be fitted with heavy batteries.

Our product portfolio for the bodyshell sector comprises the following body parts, delivered in tried-and-tested HMT quality for small and large series::

  • Reinforcements and supports
  • Brackets
  • Lock and hinge reinforcements for front and rear bonnets
  • Isofix mounts for children's car seats and fittings for safety belts
  • Damper supports
  • Bulkhead plates
  • Mounts for crash management systems
  • Bumper mounts
  • Crash boxes and crash absorbers
  • Sensor mounts and fixtures
  • Suspension mounts
  • Verstärkung Sicherheitsgurt
  • Crashbox
  • Dämpferaufnahme
  • SGR Querträger Tunnelstrebe
  • Halter Kotflügelbank
  • Pralldämpferaufnahme
  • Querträger
An extract from our list of customers
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Skoda
  • Seat
  • Opel
  • GM
  • Adient
  • Eberspächter
  • Hartmann Exact
  • Porsche
  • Bentley
  • ZF
  • Lamborghini

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