Components for safe chassis technology

The chassis is responsible for ensuring good road holding and a safe driving behaviour of the car in all situations and weather conditions as well as for the dynamic transmission of forces between the wheels and road surface and the comfort of vehicle passengers.

Ideally, it ensures road grip at high speeds, on bends, and even on uneven driving surfaces. It also eliminates or reduces impacts.

The complex structure of a chassis is composed of parts such as springs and dampers, steering components and brakes, hinges, bearings, wheels and tyres. Because the chassis accounts for a large proportion of the total weight of a vehicle - up to one fifth - manufacturers are eager to tap into new dimensions here by using lightweight-construction methods to reduce the chassis weight.

With its high-quality components, HMT GmbH & Co. KG contributes to this aim by planning and realising both development and production in close collaboration with customers. We supply safety-relevant components for struts, damper supports, consoles and suspension arms to well-known manufacturers.

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  • VW
  • Audi
  • Skoda
  • Seat
  • Opel
  • GM
  • Adient
  • Eberspächter
  • Hartmann Exact
  • Porsche
  • Bentley
  • ZF
  • Lamborghini

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